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Hippocrates, considered the father of Western Medicine, is quoted as saying “Let food be thy medicine”.

We at Hippocrates Table have made it our mission to embrace this directive and help implement it. We believe that most physicians understand that food consumption is fundamental to our well-being—or to the lack thereof. Unfortunately, our current health-care systems have created an environment that does not support doctors in prescribing nutrition based solutions. Doctors are often not even allowed enough time to motivate patients to change their lifestyles.

That’s where we come in. Hippocrates Table is a resource physicians can use with confidence to support patients in making nutritional and lifestyle changes. Our cornerstone offering is a 28 day plant-based whole foods wellness program designed to prevent and reverse chronic disease.

For decades medical doctors and researchers have discovered evidence of both healing and damaging powers of specific foods. Our program is dedicated to exploring and celebrating this very important work. Additionally, we offer food-based meal options demonstrated by extensive research to be potential solutions in preventing and, in some cases, reversing chronic disease.

We live in an amazing time, in a swiftly changing culture where food is being remembered for its power not only to nourish but to heal. We celebrate the global movement to reclaim our personal power and choose lifestyles that nurture wellness.


Words cannot describe how much I appreciate this opportunity to participate in the solution to our health crisis”

Peter Goldstein, Founder

Peter Goldstein is a former CEO of technology and software systems and a lifelong advocate of conscious business practices. Over the past ten years he’s been tracking a mounting body of evidence that demonstrates that we can save as much as 75 percent of healthcare costs in the U.S. and eliminate the associated human pain and suffering by simply changing food based lifestyle. This is a savings of nearly $2 TRILLION / year or about 10% of our GDP and untold amounts of pain and suffering. As a new grandfather, the other startling statistic that inspires his work is the one that, for the first time in history, projects a shorter life spans for children born today than those of their parents! Peter is dedicated to changing that calculation during his own tenure on the planet.


“I have never felt more energy and vitality, and it’s easy!”

Ardis Hoffman, Co-Founder

Ardis Hoffman is a wellness enthusiast who began her explorations in 1990 when her daughter was born. At that point, a very wise pediatrician recommended she NOT give antibiotics to her 4 week old daughter, but instead allow her immune system to fight her cold. Being a child of the sixties who was always treated with antibiotics for one thing or another, she was intrigued.  In 1992 Ardis began managing medical practices where she was shocked over time by all the illnesses related to food. She left the industry to spread the message about a more integral approach to wellness, and in the process discovered and reset her own body’s cholesterol, LDL and inflammation levels just as they broached danger marks for heart disease. Today, 30 pounds lighter with blood tests back in the safe zone, she is a proud promoter of a plant-based whole foods lifestyle.


“The healthcare provider has to be committed and has to walk the walk”

Greg Feinsinger, M.D. Medical Advisor

Dr. Feinsinger, a graduate of University of University of Colorado School of Medicine, retired in 2015 after 42 years as a family practitioner in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Founder of Glenwood Medical Associates Center for Heart Attack, Stroke and Diabetes Prevention. A few years ago he transformed his own health through a nutrition regimen based on T. Colin Campbell’s groundbreaking book, The China Study. Today, he is educating communities on the benefits of our plant-based food program and offering individual heart healthy consultations.


“Food is our medicine. We just have to claim it, savor it, and learn the truth about its power to restore the natural order of our bodies.”

Karen Connington, Writer-Editor

A journalist for more than 25 years, Karen Connington perceives massive changes in news media as opportunities to share our own stories about health and recovery in ways that resonate at all levels of American culture. Within our collective enthusiasm for fresh, local whole foods, she regards Hippocrates Table as an integral part of the next step—and nutritional intervention into chronic illness as the next American revolution.


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