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Did you know that the National Institutes of Health has advised that physicians  prescribe food as medicine?

Physicians should consider recommending a plant-based diet to all their patients especially those with high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or obesity.”    – click here to READ THE STUDY

We are here to support YOU in prescribing a Plant-Based Whole Foods lifestyle for your patients.

We make it easy…

Step 1 – Sign Up!

  • Join our Plant-Based Whole Foods practitioner directory.
  • We have your research covered:
    • We document solid information that you can review and refer to in  recommending a Plant-Based Whole Foods lifestyle for your patients.
      • Blog articles by healthcare professionals.
      • Research articles from the best scientific sources and links to studies.
      • Disease reversing success stories.
    • E-newsletter – Reverse It! Stay informed on the latest scientific research and studies on food solutions that fight disease.
    • Online health care community. Connect with other health care providers who are prescribing plant-based whole foods to their patients.

Step 2 – Get Started!

  • We have everything you need to  feel confident in prescribing our 28 Day Reset wellness program to your patients! Our goal is to fully support patients in making a permanent lifestyle shift to plant-based whole foods.
    • Prescription pads to make it easy for patients to claim this program as a medical expense for either HSA reimbursement or as a tax deduction.
    • Professional brochures that fully explain our program.
    • Patient education materials that support your patients’ understanding about why you have prescribed our program for their health.
    • Great Food to eat! We have plant-based whole foods caterers who partner with us to create healthy, delicious meals. (Shipping available in the U.S.)
    • 28 Days of Support
      • Weekly group meetings.
      • Daily messages including tips, resources, recipes and an online community for patients to share their experiences.
    • Ongoing Support
      • Cooking classes
      • Newsletter with tips, resources, recipes
      • Online community
      • Full Lifestyle shift workshops and programs.

Step 3 – Track Results!

  • Identify 20 – 30 patients in your practice who would benefit from changing their lifestyle and are motivated to commit to being healthy.
  • Set up an orientation meeting to describe the program (we will help with this!)
  • Arrange for patients to have “before” blood work and “after” the 28 days.
  • You will be amazed at the improvements! Share your results with other practitioners by writing a blog or a research paper for our website.


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